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Phone: 972 - 316 - 8600
Blue Ocean Sushi
& Asian Grill

Chef's Special Rolls
Blue Ocean Roll (Tempura shrimp, cucumber with tuna & avocado on top) $14.95
Golden Cali Roll (Crab meat, avocado, masago) $7.95
Alaska Roll (Fresh salmon, avocado, crabmeat) $14.95
Rainbow Roll (Crabmeat avocado, three kinds of the fish covered with masago) $14.95
Caterpillar Roll (Eel, cucumber, shrimp and avocado) $13.95
Spider Roll (Soft shell crab, cucumber and masago) $11.95
Cajun Roll (Spicy crawfish, radish, sprout and masago) $11.95
Tornado Roll (Tempura) (Yellowtail, cream cheese, jalapeno and green onion) $13.95
Texas Roll (Spicy beef, spinach, scallion) $11.95
Border Roll (Tempura) (Crab Meat, Avocado, Shitake Mushroom) $11.95
Volcano Roll (Creamy Spicy Scallop Baked Over California Roll) $14.95
Sunshine Roll (Smoked Salmon, Masago, Avocado Cream Cheese, Cucumber Wrapped in Soy Bean Skin) $13.95
D.C. Roll (Fried Calamari, Cucumber, Cream Cheese, Scallion, Avocado) $11.95
Cajun Dynamite (Spicy Creamy Crawfish, Mushroom, Baked Over California Roll) $14.95
3 Stooges (Yellow Tail, Salmon, Tuna, Caviar, Avocado, Masago - Tempura) $14.95
Coppell Roll (Shaved Rib Eye Steak Wrapped Around Portobello Mushroom, Scallion - Grilled) $14.95
Devil Roll (Crab, Smoked Salmon, Cucumber, Avocado, Hot Mustard, Jalapeño &Red Chili Sauce) $12:95
Pacific Roll (Baked Salmon, Cream Cheese, Green Onion, Masago, Chili Sauce - Tempura) $13.95
4 Seasons Roll (Tuna, Salmon, Yellow Tail, Crab Meat, Masago Wrapped In Cucumber) $14.95
Dragon Roll (Crab Meat, Avocado, Cucumber Unagi on Top) $13.95
Crazy Roll (4 Kind of Masago, Smelt Egg, Caviar, Wasabi Masago, Topica Masago over California Roll) $12.95
Fire Cracker Roll (Tempura Shrimp, Scallions In A Creamy Spicy Sauce, Baked Over California Roll) $14.95
**** No Substitution Please ****

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